Yukon Woman Files For Injunction Against State Superintendent Over SQ 744 Flyers

Friday, October 29th 2010, 3:15 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Yukon woman has filed a temporary restraining order in Oklahoma County Court to stop the distribution of pro-State Question 744 flyers in Oklahoma schools.

Julia Seay asked for the temporary injunction against State Superintendent Sandy Garrett and Yukon Public Schools Superintendent Bill Denton. According to the petition filed by her attorneys, Seay believed Garret and other supporters of SQ 744 have conspired to distribute materials that clearly support the controversial measure.

Flyers were recently handed out to students at Skyview Elementary School in Yukon. Although they did not ask people to vote yes on SQ 744, many people say the message was clear.

"A school is a place for learning and, quite frankly, the idea that they are being used for political purposes should be galling to most Oklahomans," said Jim Wilson, the Executive Director of One Oklahoma Campaign Coalition, a group dedicated to making sure SQ 744 doesn't pass. "Our schools and our students shouldn't be used for propaganda purposes."

Superintendent Denton approved the distribution of the flyers, but said they were not intended to take a position on SQ 744.

"I felt that and was assured the material was neutral and didn't advocate voting yes or no," Denton said.

In the petition, Seay claimed she had knowledge Garrett requested the flyers be distributed, Monday, November 1, to school age children.

"Distribution of political material through the classroom is a direct violation of state law," said Seay's attorney, Shawnnessy Black. "Citizens and supporters of State Question 744 will stop at nothing to get what they want - and what they want is to use our children as campaign volunteers for their tax increases."

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