55 Oklahoma Soldiers Reunite With Families In Norman

Tuesday, August 16th 2011, 11:29 pm
By: News 9

Havonnah Johnson, News 9

NORMAN, OK-- The 245th Airfield Operations Battalion came home after eight months in Afghanistan. These National Guard soldiers didn't lose a single member. All 55 of them came home something everyone is thankful for, especially Fara Robinson.

Robinson knows her husband is lucky, he made it out of Afghanistan after his second tour of duty.

This military mom has served our country by patiently waiting.

"It's different because you spend a lot of time doing things by yourself. You spend a lot of time on Skype and facebook and you talk on the phone as much as you can," said Robinson.

Even when her husband got here , she still had to wait.

"Parts of you kind of get used to it because you spend a whole year waiting. Then on the bus everybody pulled up people they kind of get anxious we were excited. People started saying, oh I'm shaking my knees were getting weak then we got off the bus and we were waiting in the hallway again. You are excited. I mean it's fantasy it kind of surreal," Sgt.Tommy Robinson said.

Surreal when you realize in the last two weeks seven of Oklahoma's families waited, but instead of a reunions they planned funerals, a sobering reminder as Robinson waits to be deployed again.

"The way they are attacking in ground it is constantly in the back of your mind," he said. He is excited to be home, before he left, his son wasn't walking. Now he can teach him to run.