Dean's Blog: Analyzing OU's BCS Championship Odds

Monday, November 14th 2011, 1:33 am
By: News 9

Dean Blevins, News9 Sports Director

It was an eventful 45 minutes of watching TV—although OU fans would prefer slamming fingers in car doors to what they heard during the ESPN BCS show, where they unveil the latest BCS rankings.

Robert Smith made a case for Oklahoma to be considered as the one-loss team that would meet LSU. Of course, the talk was only a "what if" discussion, because if OSU beats OU in Bedlam, the Cowboys' dream season continues and they would advance to New Orleans to play in the BCS title game.

Herbie and the others down-played or shot down OU's chances of being taken before Oregon and Alabama, primarily because OU's loss was far worse than the others: OU was stunned by Texas Tech at HOME, while Alabama and Oregon lost, ironically, to LSU.

There are still a lot of variables that could weigh in to the discussion and change the ultimate decision. But yours truly predicted during PLAY THE PERCENTAGES that the chances of that happening and OU playing in the title game at 4 percent.

Could be wrong. But don't see how it would be much higher, in part due to the reasoning stated above, and in part to the fact that the national sentiment from the voters would seem to be in line (or be persuaded by) the ESPN panel.

Herbie's not wrong very often. Especially on something this big. And it wasn't like he was waffling on giving the Sooners a good shot at being the lucky one-loss team.

He's anything but an OU hater or a Bob Stoops hater. He's as unbiased as one in his position can be. The positions held by the men on that show (aside from one who shall remain nameless in whom we place less than very little credibility) are legitimate.

They may not be what a former player or ardent fans want to hear. But I'm afraid they speak the truth. Much more on this in the coming days.

After the announcement Sunday night I spoke with BCS Contributor Richard Billingsley. I've known Richard since the 2000 BCS title game and he is a frequent guest on the Blitz. Attached is part of my conversation with the man with the southern accent who hails from Hugo, OK.