Cleaning the Bricktown Canal, 'What Lies Beneath'

Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 7:10 pm
By: News 9

The Bricktown Canal may be a tourist favorite on the surface, but it's what lies beneath the water that's most intriguing.

The canal was last cleaned in January of 2008, according to Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation spokesperson Jennifer McClintock. 

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"We first drain the canal, and then we have crews that come through with small trucks," said McClintock.  "And they will pick up the large debris."

Some of that "large" debris includes shopping carts, chairs, and baby strollers.  But it's really the smaller stuff that's most intriguing.  Cell phones, high-heeled shoes, and sunglasses litter the canal bottom along with cameras, and loose change.

But most everything is covered in a dark-colored, foul-smelling crud.  It takes some serious pressure to wash not only the bottom, but the canal walls. 

"And then they'll come through and start scooping out the mud and the muck," McClintock said.  "Before they can come in with fire hoses and really clean everything down."  

The entire cleaning process should take around three weeks, by McClintock's estimate.  The canal should be back in business in time for Valentine's Day.

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