Police Search For Would-Be-Kidnapper Preying On Children

Wednesday, January 16th 2013, 9:24 pm
By: News 9

Police are on the hunt for a man accused of preying on children by trying to kidnap them on their way to and from school in southeast Oklahoma City.

Neighbors at the Burntwood mobile home park near SE 89th and Bryant are receiving urgent notices following at least two attempts that residents believe could have turned tragic.

On Wednesday, children in the neighborhood were trying to take their minds off of a frightening experience.

"I was...breathing really fast because I didn't know what to do," 12-year-old Joshua Simmons told News 9.

Joshua and his friends had all heard the news.

"The kid was yelling, 'Please let me go so I can go home to my mom,'" young witness Tyler Faulkner said. "He wouldn't let him go."

Managers at the complex say a man tried to kidnap a child on his way to school Tuesday. Joshua says the child was able to escape by hitting the suspect and yelling.

"The kid just started running toward the office, and I tried to catch up with him [to] see if he was OK," Joshua said.

Several days earlier, the complex says a child getting off a school bus was followed by someone driving a tan colored car. Residents believe both incidents are related.

"We want kids to go outside and get some exercise, but now we have to worry about people trying to take the kids while they're out there," resident Jesse Sappington said.

Children in the area say they have seen the suspect since notices went out. Parents are hoping police catch up with the man soon.

Witnesses have not been able to give a detailed description of the suspect other than to say he is an older man with a white beard wearing dirty tattered clothing.

If you have any information, call police immediately.