Homeless Man In Dumpster Accidentally Run Over In SW OKC

Friday, January 18th 2013, 9:45 am
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police are trying to locate the family of a man, who was found dead in the road near SW 59th and Dewey.

Witnesses say a Waste Management Truck collecting trash dumped the man out of this dumpster near some apartments, and then accidentally ran over him.

Oklahoma City police confirm a witness came forward three hours after the incident occurred saying she saw what happened. At first police thought they were looking at an auto-pedestrian accident involving a hit and run.

Now police say it appears to be a tragic accident, where the Waste Management truck driver did not know someone was inside the dumpster and did not realize he had been dumped out or that he had backed over him. Police say there are curbs in the area and the truck driver may have thought he had gone over one of those.

Those who live and work in the area say they believe the victim was a homeless man they often saw collecting cans in the area.

A spokesperson with the City of Oklahoma City confirms the incident happened, but says it did not involve a city truck or crew, but says the city does contract with Waste Management on certain residential and commercial properties.

A spokesperson with Waste Management says they are working with local police to see what happened. They have also released the following statement to News 9:

Waste Management has been in touch with the Oklahoma City Police Department and has confirmed that there was an incident this morning involving a Waste Management vehicle. This is still an active investigation, however, we are cooperating fully with the authorities.