OKC Middle School Student's Emergency App Becomes A Reality

Monday, April 14th 2014, 6:31 pm
By: Karl Torp

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, middle school student Genesis Frank came up with an idea for an app.

It would allow students to report cases of school violence and bullying.

The idea was good enough to win the Invention Convention last year.

This year, her father is perfecting the idea and making the app a reality.

It's called "Quick Response" and would be used by school staff and students.

Seventh-grade teacher, Leonard Franks, asked, "If an active shooter came on the school grounds, could you notify everyone (students and staff) in three seconds?"

Franks said the answer is "Quick Response," which is already available for Android phones.

He hopes iphone users can buy the app within a week.

There are number of preprogrammed emergencies that staff can put out, including medical and weather related. The emergencies take seconds to put to students.

Students can also report incidents of bullying too with "Quick Response."

"I wanted an anonymous reporting feature," Franks said.

"Quick Response" is being tested with Millwood Public Schools right now.

The other selling point is that school districts can design their own quick response scenarios.