OKC To Acquire More Property For MAPS 3 Projects

Tuesday, May 13th 2014, 7:55 pm
By: Karl Torp

It's a term that's sure to get folks fired up: Eminent Domain. That's when the government says it has the right to acquire private property.

Oklahoma City now has the right to acquire more property when building it's MAPS 3 park and convention center.

The move gives the city more control over how the area around the park and convention center will be developed.

"We need all the tools that we can to help high quality developments adjacent to the park," Alliance for Economic Development Director Cathy O'Connor said.

One of those tools is eminent domain, a power a private investor does not have.

The new area, where the city can acquire land, now stretches south of 3rd in between Walker and Santa Fe all the way down to S.W. 15th.

The other new area is north of S.W. 4th going to California Avenue and stretching from Western all the way to Shartel in one spot.

Some city council members argued that the government should not be trying to dictate development around the park and convention center.

The Alliance of Economic Development said this is a long-term plan, and there isn't any plan to acquire additional land right now.