Neighbors Upset Over High Grass Blocking Intersection

Wednesday, October 8th 2014, 9:20 pm
By: Karl Torp

If you neglect your property and the grass gets too high, you have to pay a fine. On Wednesday night, neighbors in Southwest OKC want to know why the city isn't paying up because of an intersection they say has turned dangerous. 

The problem is the height of the weeds at the intersection of SW 15th and Penn Ave. They reach as high as seven feet in some spots and block a driver's vision when turning right on to Penn.

“I know it's very dangerous and somebody could get killed,” says Karen Cranfield, who lives in the neighborhood.

“I'd like to have the city get the grass cut,” says neighbor, Buddy Dewberry.

The problem is the area has slipped through the cracks because of the railroad that used to run next to the intersection.

City officials tell News 9 the property was deeded over to them from the railroad company that had operated the land. The problem is that the city didn't realize it was in charge of maintenance until less than two weeks ago.

OKC says it will cut the weeds and grass. Just today the city made it easier to report code violation like tall grass and weeds.

Download an app to your phone to report code violations.