Dean's Blog: OU Strength Of Schedule Off The Charts

Friday, November 13th 2015, 10:20 pm
By: Dean Blevins

Oklahoma’s Daunting Gauntlet begins tomorrow here in Waco, but it doesn’t end Thanksgiving weekend in Stillwater. Next, a quality bowl opponent likely awaits, but it doesn’t end in January 2016. It’s actually just picking up speed.

A Houston program that sits unbeaten and is aching to impress to be invited to join the Big 12 hosts the Sooners in NRG Stadium to begin the 2016 campaign on September 3rd.

After Louisiana Monroe plays in what will be an refurbished Gaylord Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on the tenth, the Mighty Ohio State Buckeyes arrive for what could be a classic on September 17.

In whole, Oklahoma’s aggressive scheduling has paid off. Effectively, Bob Stoops is confident and loves the competition and AD Joe Castiglione tries to entertain his fan base and appease Stoops.

So the twosome decided to take on all-comers and schedule home-and-homes with the biggest names in the business.  The bigger the name the better.

The list is staggering:


Ohio State

Notre Dame

Florida State




It’s hard for me to get a handle on what OU’s record will be after the next three. But I do know they are an improved team that plays with discipline with sound coaching and multiple difference-makers.

But regardless how many games they win or lose, their approach should be lauded and copied. It’d be nice if some teams would just play one of the big boys OU has taken on annually. It’d be one more than they have played to date.

Stoops is the one who has his neck on the line. In this era of giving excessive credit or blame to the head coach – and the bigger the name the better for most critics – if he were to go 3-3 my guess is the natives would be restless. But frankly, virtually any team in football would struggle when they swallow an upcoming schedule that goes: Baylor, TCU, OSU, Bowl, Houston Ohio State.

Hello committee. Game on.