Firefighters Send Out Weekend Warning After Battling Multiple Grass Fires Across OK

Friday, January 29th 2016, 9:01 pm
By: News 9

Fire crews were all over the state fighting fast moving flames, and the weather conditions weren't making things any easier.

“Today is a horrible day, tomorrow is going to be a horrible day and Sunday is going to be a horrible day,” said Grady County Fire Chief Buddy Myers about the winds and humidity.

More than 30 grass fires were reported Friday in Oklahoma, engulfing cedars, burning hay bales and barely missing a Blanchard man's livelihood.

“It had already taken over the pasture. The fire department came over and got everything put out pretty quickly thank goodness because it went right up to the side of my barn and I’ve got horses and stuff inside,” said Ron Gruber. His home, barn and livestock were threatened by the fire.

And at one point his horse outside, whose name is Eclipse, was surrounded, noticeably scared in its pen. But fire crews got it knocked down in the nick of time and Eclipse is OK.

Chief Myers said that fire originated on the Winter Creek Golf and Country Club property.

“We burned off about 200 acres. Started on the golf course. They were burning a brush pile apparently,” he said.

Chief Myers had to speed off to other fires in Grady County after fighting the one near Blanchard.

And it was a similar story for crews in the metro. Oklahoma City went out on 19 grass fire calls Friday all for incidents they said could've been prevented.

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“We just want people to be extra vigilant. All it takes is just one tiny spark and it could really affect a lot of people in a very negative way,” said District Chief Benny Fulkerson with the OKC Fire Dept.

The most active time for fire crews when the weather is most susceptible to fires is noon to five. They urge the public to be as careful as possible all weekend, but especially during those times.