Man Killed By Texas Police Linked To Multiple Robberies In OK, TX

Friday, April 22nd 2016, 6:19 pm
By: News 9

On Friday, Edmond Police confirmed that a man shot and killed by members of a task force in Texas back in February, is the same man responsible for an armed robbery at a local store earlier that month.

This week, Edmond Police were notified by Fort Worth Police that the man shot and killed was most likely the man they were looking for in the holdup at the Hallmark store near Danforth Rd. and Kelly Ave., back on February 3.

“When I was getting the money I started praying,” said Jennifer Zapata, who was at the register the night of the hold up.

She and a coworker were closing up shop when a man they thought was a customer walked right in the door, walked around, and then demanded cash. Jennifer said at first they thought he was kidding.

“That’s when he pulled out the gun,” said Zapata. “He didn't point it to us but we did see it. That’s when we knew he meant business.”

Jennifer said they did as they were told and that the robber, identified as 53-year-old David Watson wasn't wearing a mask, but he was wearing latex gloves.

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She said he ordered the girls to the back of the store.

Zapata said they rushed to the back, called 911, and then locked themselves in the storage room bathroom. By the time police arrived, Watson was gone.

“Thankfully nothing physically happened to either one of us,” said Zapata. “But emotionally there was a lot of trauma there.”

Days later, US Marshals tracked down Watson at a motel in Fort Worth. Reports state when they confronted him he pulled a gun, and that's when officers shot and killed him.

Police said Watson and possibly another woman, who was his accomplice, are now suspected in multiple robberies in both Oklahoma and the North Texas area. Edmond Police said she may be the key to solving all those cases, including theirs.

“She had met him in January,” said Jenny Monroe with the Edmond Police Department. “And they spent that month and weeks before our robbery doing a lot of meth and planning future armed robberies.”

No word yet on whether that female accomplice will face any charges in the Edmond armed robbery.

Zapata was able to identify Watson from a photo lineup. She and her coworkers are just glad it’s over.

“Can't say I'm sorry the way he went out,” said Mary Davis, the Hallmark store Manager. “You know he chose his path in life, and it’s just a real burden for the girls who were here to live through all this. Now they can finally put it to rest and know it’s not someone here locally that's going to be coming right back at them again.”