'Pokemon Go' Good For Local Businesses

Friday, July 29th 2016, 10:26 pm
By: News 9

For weeks, "Pokémon Go" players have packed Bricktown trying to "catch them all". Gamers playing late into the night, have many business seeing a boost in sales.

“Lately, in the past month or two, we see the line kind of stay out the door up until close,” said Blake Baublits, Fuzzy Taco’s general manager.

And it's easy to tell where the longer lines come from. Pokémon Go players, are noticeable, most focused on their phones looking for pocket monsters nearby.

“We've definitely have seen some increase in people coming in. You get a bunch of the families with kids walking around swiping up on their phone.”

Baublits has noticed the bump in business during the times the restaurant is typically slower. Over the past month, he's seen about a 5 to 7 percent jump in sales. Mainly, the result of hungry and thirsty gamers.

“On food and stuff? I'd say since I’ve been paying maybe about $200,” said Dillon Kennedy, Pokémon Go player.

Dillon Kennedy now on level 23 spent nearly every night this month in Bricktown, looking for Pokémon.

His refueling spot is Bricktown’s Sonic, to grab a Route 44 Cherry Limeade.

Sonic's manger said they've had to run next door to corporate to grab more ice to fill the influx of drink orders.

Brickopolis is another popular late night stop for gamers. They like many other businesses, have added on extra staff to keep up with the crowds.

“Come in wanting something to drink, need something to eat, kind of a pit stop, a poke stop I guess you'd say,” said Lateria Allen, Brickopolis general manager.

While some say the game's popularity has peaked, it appears devoted players are still at it trying to catch them all.

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