Missing Child's Mother Comes Face-To-Face With Accused Murderer

Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 5:23 pm
By: News 9

Jurors on a missing child trial sat through a full day testimony on Wednesday. Anthony Palma is charged with killing Kirsten Hatfield 20 years ago.

Hatfield's mother Shannon Hazen never gave up trying to find her daughter who went missing two decades ago. She came face-to-face with Palma in court Wednesday.

Jurors listened to the frantic 911 call Hazen made moments after discovering her 8-year-old daughter was gone from their Midwest City home.

A childhood friend was questioned about Kirsten's disappearance. She remembers Anthony Palma living in the neighborhood and that he would watch them in a creepy way.

Hazen took the witness stand for more than an hour. Prosecutors asked if her daughter ever attempted to run away, she said that was impossible. Hazen told jurors she had a cooperative but tense relationship with Midwest City police as the case grew cold. She spent months passing out missing child flyers and talking to neighbors, including Palma.

Hatfield vanished 20 years ago but several clues were left behind. A responding Midwest City police officer and crime scene investigator both took the stand. The responding officer, now retired, remembered the morning he found a pair of girl's blood stained underwear in the family's backyard. He also found a shovel and t-shirt in an ally near the home.

The technical investigator described to the court the crime scene.  The little girl's bedroom window that was cracked open and blood on the glass and window sill. He also found a metal bar and cigar butt not far from the window. All the evidence was presented to the 12-person jury.

Two woman testified earlier in the day. One was a sexual assault nurse and the other was a woman who claimed to be sexually assaulted by Palma when she was a teen. Palma was never charged for the alleged assault. The judge allowed her testimony for jurors to have record of Palma's behavior before Hatfield's disappearance.