Engineers To Check Limestone Panels After Pieces Fell In Downtown OKC

Tuesday, January 9th 2018, 6:59 am
By: News 9

Parts of Robinson Avenue remain closed Tuesday morning in downtown Oklahoma City.

This is all after severe winds sent limestone panels from the First National Building crashing down to the ground.

Oklahomans saw drones surveying the damage to the building on Monday from more than 20 stories up. Engineers will similarly be repelling down to the outside of the building Tuesday to look for any other problematic panels.

According to the building's developer, Gary Brooks, a fire in December on the 26th floor may be to blame.

Brooks said water used to fight the fire on the 26th floor seeped into the joints of the limestone panels -- and recently turned to ice.

Now, a month later, severe winds proved to be the tipping point, sending limestone panels from the 23rd floor to crash down.

"This really cold weather snap that we got last week expanded an popped the bolts that hold the stone on," Brooks said.

Brooks said Robinson Avenue should be back open by Tuesday.

In order to make people feel more safe, he plans on putting some scaffolding around the building.