Number Of Victim Protection Orders Up In OKC

Thursday, August 30th 2018, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

The number of “Victim Protection Orders” in Oklahoma County so far this year, is way ahead of last year’s pace.

On August 29, 2017, there had been 1841 VPO’s. As of today, that number is 407 more than last year. 

Prominent Oklahoma City Defense Attorney and former Police Officer Irven Box says the local judge who handles VPO filings told him about the sharp increase a few days ago.

“It’s a gray area, I see a couple abuses of it. A number of years ago, I’d go down to the VPO docket, and I’d see just boyfriend against girlfriend, husband against wife, or ex-spouse against ex-spouse. But now I’m seeing more relatives of mothers and daughters, and uncles and aunts,” said Box. 

Palomar Family Justice Center opened its doors at 1140 North Hudson in Midtown a year and half ago.

Client Services Director Vanessa Morrison says she’s not surprised by the sharp increase. “I’m actually hopeful that people know that there is a resource, and there is protection that you can seek out if you are going through violence,” she said.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Capt. Kelly Marshall was assigned to Palomar in April, and she’s been very busy. “It’s amazing all of the different agencies that are housed in this building,” she said. “And the word is getting out that there are services out there for people and there is help out there.”