Man Attacked With A Machete, Held Against His Will For Day

Friday, September 14th 2018, 10:43 pm

Charges have been filed against a man who police say slit a victim’s throat and robbed him of his Social Security Income card money.

Randy Allan Ferrell, 29, was found at the scene moments after EMS workers took the 48-year-old male victim away on a stretcher.

Investigators say the victim had a cut on his face, and his neck had a large slash through it that measured about 6 inches across and an inch deep. There has been no word on his condition.

However, newly released police body camera footage shows the victim climbing from the second story on an abandon building.

The alleged attack happened on September 2nd, a Sunday night. However, officers did not get a 911 call about the victim until September 4th, Tuesday morning.

They say the victim was being held against his will.

  • DISPATCH: Okay, I need you to tell  me everything that he told you.
  • CALLER: He said he went up there to help the guy, there is two guys that tried to attack him with a machete. He seen the other guy who got hit by the machete. He is in real bad shape."

Body camera footage shows deputies and officers helping the victim down from the roof.

They say he was so scared of his attacker, the victim initially told law enforcement he was responsible for his own injuries.

  • VICTIM: I didn't know I was hurt that bad.
  • OFFICER: Yeah, you're hurt really bad. 

  • OFFICER: How did that happen?
  • VICTIM: I was carrying a mirror.
  • OFFICER: You were carrying a mirror and that did that?

  • OFFICER: Uh, it's bad.
  • OFFICER 2: Yeah.
  • OFFICER: It's severe."

Within moments, they also find Ferrell, and begin to question him at the scene.

Ferrell is homeless and had city warrants out for his arrest.

He admits to officers that many people were in the abandon building and that he had been using drugs.

  • SUSPECT: My head is somewhere else. 
  • (PERSON NUMBER 1 NAME’S REDACTED): Is somewhere else. 
  • OFFICER: So, you're high, and you guys were going through a bunch of s***?
  • SUSPECT: I did some dope, yeah.
  • OFFICER: So he cut himself with what?

Ferrell shrugged his shoulders to that question. But when the victim is interviewed the next day, he told investigators he was ready to talk about what happened.

Court documents state Ferrell had robbed the victim of his Social Security Income money, by forcing the victim to give up his PIN number.

The card was allegedly used at various locations, and deputies say a roll of bills was found in Ferrell’s possession.

Deputies add Ferell is a flight risk, and is dangerous to the public.

News 9 found in May, 2015, Ferrell was convicted of Assault and Battery Upon a Detention Officer.