Pott. Co. Hit-And-Run Victim Left In A Coma Speaks Out For The 1st Time

Sunday, October 13th 2019, 9:27 pm
By: Storme Jones

The victim of a Pottawatomie County hit-and-run said he's lucky to be alive, however, months later the person who nearly killed him still hasn't been caught.

Cameron Foster was in a coma for a month and a half following an April hit-and-run. He said his body may be on the mend, but his life is in shambles.

“I don’t want nothing wrong or physically to happen to them,” Cameron Foster said. “I just want them to know, you ruined my life.”

It happened near Interstate 40 and Harrison Road in Shawnee before he crossed the street to buy a pack of cigarettes.

“I was sitting there reading a text message. Then I woke up a month and a half later,” Foster said. “I missed my birthday. That’s what I remember.”

A nearby hotel caught the hit-and-run on surveillance video but say it was grainy, dark and far away. Foster says seeing the video for himself would be too much to handle.

As the car took off, Foster was left with injuries to his legs and severe brain and organ damage.

“Before the accident, I had a great career. I was an electrician,” Foster said. “And now, I lost my job. That mailbox right there fills up with medical bills.”

Foster said no arrests have been made following the hit-and-run. News 9 reached out to the Shawnee Police Department but did not hear back in time for this story.

“I want that person to know, I’m here I’m alive, I’m breathing,” Foster said. “But they didn’t know that when they went away.”

Despite his serious injuries, Foster says his faith has helped him through the last few months.

“You’ve got to keep your chin up, because, yes I can’t walk. Yes, I want to go play basketball right now. Yes, I want to do what you can do. But I’m alive. I can breathe,” Foster said.

The family started a social media effort to raise money for Foster’s medical bills. If you’d like to help the Foster family click here.

“It needs to be known, you can’t do this to people,” Foster said.