Two Vehicles Hit By Bullets On Oklahoma Turnpikes

Tuesday, October 15th 2019, 5:48 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Two vehicles were hit by bullets as they were traveling down two different Oklahoma turnpikes over the weekend.

OHP said they don't believe the cases are related or that the vehicles were targeted. Troopers said both vehicles were hit by bullets shot from a rifle. The first case happened Saturday on the Turner Turnpike immediately north of Davenport.

The second was around 3 p.m. Sunday on the Will Rogers Turnpike as Colby Gibson and his family were getting on the turnpike by Afton.

“We heard a loud bang and thought it was a rock and then my brother-in-law in the front seat said there’s a hole in the windshield,” said Gibson.

When they pulled over to check it out, they heard gunshots and hurried back into the car. Further up the road Colby's wife found a bullet.

“She swore she heard something go by her head and was digging around and they ended up finding it right where her feet were,” said Gibson.      

Troopers have identified the shooter in that case who they said was doing target practice. But OHP is looking for help in Saturday’s incident.

On Saturday, another vehicle was traveling eastbound on the Turner Turnpike when a bullet struck the passenger side door. OHP said that was also likely someone target practicing or hunting.

They are looking for anyone who was shooting a gun to the south or east within three miles of that area to contact them.

“This situation brings to light what people may not think about, that a typical rifle round can travel about three and a half miles,” said Lt. Kera Philippi with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Colby said he holds no ill will toward the person who fired the gun that hit his vehicle and no charges have been filed. But he hopes this serves as a reminder of what could happen if you aren't careful.

“There was five of us and odds are not in our favor at that point, but somehow by the grace of God it missed all of us.”

If you have any information on the incident on the Turner Turnpike you can call OHP at 1-866-OHP-TIPS.