OSBI Files Search Warrant In Connection To Person Of Interest In Carina Saunders Case

Friday, November 1st 2019, 6:21 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has requested new evidence in the Carina Saunders case. 

Documents filed Friday, November 1 show investigators have requested records from Kyle Savage’s account.

This is the second time the OSBI has requested Facebook records for Savage, who is a person of interest.

The new documents asked for any communications within Facebook regarding Saunders.

In 2011, Saunders' body was found behind a Homeland in Bethany.

Authorities have been trying to figure out who killed her ever since, and Saunders' family has been waiting for answers.

Her sister, Sara called Carina, an amazing person who was loved by all.

“It hurts really bad every time it pops up or every time a question is asked. It hurts, it's always going to hurt,” Sara said.

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This latest search warrant explained why investigators want to see Savage's Facebook.

He reportedly told one of Saunders’ family members, “I’m going to bury you next to Carina,” days before her body was even found.

Savage is not a new name in the investigation.

Law enforcement has been looking into him as a person of interest for years.

According to Sara, any little bit of new information helps.

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“I think that it's great that they're trying, you know, that we have somebody who is trying to open up other things and even going back and looking at things that have been opened before, because maybe they'll find something that the other ones didn’t,” Sara said.

That's the attitude OSBI investigators are taking as well.

Spokesperson Brook Arbeitman said although the case is several years old, it's as active as any other investigation, and search warrants like this are just a piece of the puzzle.

“Our agents who are assigned to this case are pouring over the records that received in order to again find any leads or tips that might help us solve the case,” Arbeitman said.