Moore Woman Makes Plea To Public After Vandals Steal Sentimental Jewelry

Friday, November 9th 2018, 7:15 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

The daughter of a fallen veteran in Moore is pleading for help. She says vandals broke into her home and stole a jewelry box that contained items given to her by her father.

It happened sometime Thursday morning or early afternoon.

Lorry Gail Malcolm thought something was off when she noticed her pillowcase missing. Her husband said he also couldn’t find his laptop or tablet.

“We were laughing about ghosts and giving each other a hard time,” said Malcolm. “He’s trying to tease me and scare me.”

But the real scare came moments later when she realized the box of jewelry was gone.

“I was immediately heart sick,” said Malcom.

Colonel Keith Cieri, 50, lost his battle with cholangiocarcinoma in 2007. He was on active duty at the time. Cieri served our country for nearly 27 years.

Cieri gave Malcom a custom pendant with her name on one side and Egyptian hieroglyphics on the back. She also received gold earrings.

Perhaps, what stings the most, is the lapel from her father's folded flag was also inside the jewelry box.

“When you have the one (lapel) that you received watching your mother get a folded flag or having the military grievance team come to the door,” said Malcom. “All of those things are tied up in the pin and they are painful memories.”

Memories last a lifetime, but the jewelry brought a feeling of comfort that helped Malcom get through the day.

That feeling was taken in an instant.

Malcom hopes someone sees the photos of her jewelry and can return it to her.

“I'd say, let’s go to the bank and I’ll take out whatever you want from my bank account,” said Malcom. “Just don't take that jewelry box with my dad’s jewelry in it.”

A police report has been filed.

Malcom says an alarm system has been installed in her home to prevent any future break-ins.