Pet Owner Says Local Grooming Salon Dislocated Dogs Leg, Caused Facial Swelling

Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 11:22 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A pet owner said her dog was mistreated at a local groomer, leading to serious injuries.

Christi Ann Wurtz said she took her 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel, named Bella, to The Grooming Shop in Seminole on January 30.

When Wurtz returned to the salon to pick up Bella, she said she noticed the dog limping and her face was swollen.

“I asked the owner what happened, and she had said that she pulled Bella’s arm the reversed way and heard a crunch and let go after that and decided to just keep grooming her,” said Wurtz.

Wurtz said she was also informed by the salon’s owner that an abscess tooth was causing the swelling.

Bella was immediately taken to a local vet who determined the blunt force trauma to the face and dislocated leg were caused recently and so severe, the dog had to be taken to the Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City which is over an hour away.

When Wurtz said she returned to the salon later in the day, the business was closed.

“I was just shocked that she had closed so early, just out of nowhere like that” said Wurtz. “That was a day that she is listed to be open. I feel that was part of her guilt to be closed like that.”

The owner of The Grooming Shop declined to comment.

Wurtz said she’s spent over $2,000 on vet bills so far. Another $5,000 to $10,000 could be tacked on if Bella requires surgery.

A vet will make that determination on March 13.

Wurtz wishes the owners of The Grooming Shop would take responsibly for what happened and cover the vet bills.

Over a month has passed, Wurtz said, with no agreement.

“Nobody is perfect, and I understand things happen but take the blame,” said Wurtz. “As a business owner that is something that you should, even if it is something small, try to own up to to help your business succeed.”

Wurtz filed a civil lawsuit against The Grooming Shop Tuesday afternoon.

The Seminole Police Department has forwarded their report to the district attorney's office who will decide if any criminal charges will be filed.