Bethany Police Find Guns, Drugs During Medical Marijuana Dispensary Break-In Investigation

Friday, February 28th 2020, 11:21 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A string of at least four break-ins to businesses in Bethany ended in the arrest of four teenagers.

Raekwon Jones-Wingo, 21, Amin Bard, 16, Clinton Bryley, 16, and Traviuse Bryley, 15, were arrested this week in connection to a sporting goods store attempted break-in and the burglaries of three medical marijuana dispensaries.

Evidence recovered in the case led investigators to the home owned by a former police captain in the metro.

It all started in early February when Bethany police responded to an attempted break-in at C&J Sporting Goods, a firearms store, off of 39th Expressway.

“They had broken a window but were unable to get inside,” said Lt. Angelo Orefice, of Bethany Police. “After officers responded to that location, probably within about 20 or 30 minutes, we had our medical dispensary on 39th street get burglarized.”

Police said the same suspects got away with a great deal of product.

Big Daddy’s Dispensary would be broken into the next day before investigators believe the same suspects smashed the glass at Herb'n Out dispensary near Yukon early Saturday morning.

“We actually had some callers call into us, some of the viewers, giving us tips,” said Orefice.

Police said they were led to the suspects after Jones-Wingo was arrested. He was found with a gun after the break-in at Big Daddy Dispensary.

While investigating, a search warrant led officers to a home owned by a retired Nichols Hills Police captain. During the search, police found nearly two dozen guns, ecstasy and medical marijuana were recovered.

“Some of the rifles had scopes on them, we had assault rifles also an several semi-automatic pistols,” said Orefice. “We did get evidence to suggest that they were selling it. They were selling it at school and around their apartment complex.”

All suspects in this investigation are being charged as adults.