Top 10 Traffic 'Hot Spots' Identified By Edmond Residents

Wednesday, November 21st 2018, 10:33 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

The City of Edmond recently asked residents what intersection bothered you most. 

In October, city government asked its residents to head online and point out traffic hot spots. After nearly 7,000 responses, a top ten list has been compiled.

Participants could place up to three pins on a interactive map to ensure their exact location was included.

Here are the top ten hot spots: 

  1. East 2nd Street and Bryant Avenue
  2.  2nd Street (Boulevard to Broadway)
  3. West Danforth Road and north Kelly Avenue
  4. West Edmond Road and Kelly Avenue
  5. East Covell Road and North Coltrane Road
  6. West 15th Street and South Broadway
  7. Coffee Creek and North Kelly Avenue 
  8. West 15th Street and South Kelly Avenue
  9. East 15th Street and South Bryant Avenue 
  10. Covell Road and Interstate 35 northbound ramp

College student Taylor Warrington finds herself traveling the intersection of East 2nd Street and Bryant avenue often. She isn’t surprised by the results.

“I think just the flow from campus because UCO (University Of Central Oklahoma) is so close,” said Warrington. “Then just the flow coming into Edmond because the highway is right there.”

“With school right there, plus Walmart and Target, and all these fast food places down the road, yeah defiantly,” said driver Richard Camacho.

Officials with the City of Edmond are not surprised with the results. Money and the complexity of projects typically slow any progress from being made.

Data from Edmond residents helps the city plan future projects.

“If it was easy, quick, and inexpensive we'd do it instantly but unfortunately that is not how it works,” said Casey Moore, Public Information Officer for the City of Edmond. “Traffic problems don’t typically just immediately show up, they happen over time and the fixes for traffic problems also have to happen over time.”

A construction project that will widen the East 2nd Street and Bryant Avenue intersection is scheduled to begin sometime in 2019.

A dense population of businesses and large natural gas lines will make the project difficult.