Residents Say Mobile Home Park Continues To Damage Property

Friday, February 1st 2019, 7:35 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

People who live at a mobile home park near Northwest 10th Street and County Line Road in Oklahoma City say management continues to abuse their property.

News 9 first told you management at Lakeview Terrence Mobile Home Park began cutting off trailer “tongues” or hitches in January, without homeowners’ permission.

A mound of dirt marks the spot where Gary Warren’s trailer hitch used to be. Warren says it was removed in early January.

“It’s something that the owners wanted to do,” said Warren.

Benton Boyd is the Regional Manager for Carin Communities. Boyd told News 9 in January, reason behind removing trailer tongues was because children were getting hurt playing on them.

Boyd did not provide specific incidents.

 Residents say management has since changed their reasoning. Multiple residents told News 9 trailer hitches were being removed because the property’s insurance policy required it.

“If that was the case, every mobile home in America would not have a tongue on it,” said Warren.

Despite the reasoning, many residents feel stuck, even though management said hitches can be welded back on free of charge.

“It is very unfair to all of us homeowners to sit there and hear, ‘Well, your house is on private property, so that gives your landlord the right to come in and destroy your house’, as they see fit,’” said Warren.

Cairn Communities regional manager wouldn't comment Friday.

“The last story you did, you didn't do the truth,” said Boyd. “I don't want to comment if you’re not going to report the truth.”

If you're in a similar situation, Attorney David Slane of David Slane and Associates suggests first meeting with management, then seek legal advice or possibly even a restraining order.

“These people did not consent to have their property cut up,” said Slane. “There in fact, is a law against destruction of private property and that is a crime.”

Under Oklahoma state law, It is a misdemeanor for anyone that maliciously destroy property under $1,000.

It is considered a felony for anything over $1,000. More than a dozen residents are considering legal action.