Homemade Explosives Prompt 2nd Search Of Edmond Double Homicide Victims Home

Monday, March 11th 2019, 6:58 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

The discovery of homemade explosives prompted police to search the home and 10-acre property of a homicide suspect. 

Michael Elijah Walker, 19, is accused of shooting and killing his parents, 50-year-old Michael Walker and 44-year-old Rachael Walker on March 4.

The suspect’s 17-year-old brother called Edmond police just after 2 a.m. and reported hearing gunshots inside his home. He made it out of the home safely.

Crime scene investigators stayed at the home for 10 hours taking photos and collecting evidence including guns. While sifting through evidence, Edmond police discovered four homemade explosives inside a first aid kit.

After obtaining a search warrant, Edmond Police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol returned to Walker’s home Friday afternoon due to safety concerns.

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“They (Oklahoma Highway Patrol) have multiple bomb dogs that can help us walk the property just to make sure that there isn't anything we missed, so that the family is safe as they are going through belongings in the house,” said Jenny Wagnon, spokesperson for Edmond Police.

Walker’s attorney, Derek Chance, issued this statement to News 9:

"The family reports Eli has suffered from severe mental illness for several years. I have had an initial assessment done on Eli and it clearly indicates he is acutely paranoid and delusional. This we believe explains the horrible tragedy this family has suffered."

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Police continue to investigate.

“We're presenting hundreds of pages of evidence and interview transcriptions, DVD’s and that type of things to the district attorney’s office,” said Wagnon. “A double homicide is not something that we typically deal with on routine basis.”

Funeral services for Michael and Rachael Walker are scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday at Life Church located at 2001 N.W. 178th Street in Edmond.

Edmond police said Walker does not have a prior criminal history with their department and officers have only been called to the family's home for a burglary.