Only On 9: Cockfighting Ring Discovered Near Harrah

Thursday, January 16th 2020, 10:39 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Law officers discovered a cockfighting ring Thursday while conducting a search warrant in Lincoln County.

The ring was discovered approximately three miles east of Harrah off Highway 62 on 3300 Road.

Allan Grubb, district attorney for Lincoln and Pottawatomie counties, told News 9 around 60 roosters were discovered.

“There is a training facility, two or three rings here on the property for fighting,” Grubb said. “There is a whole bunch of cages and an incubator, it is a large production.”

A search warrant for stolen game memorabilia in Oklahoma County was being conducted at the property when the discovery was made.

When investigators arrived, they found cameras on the property filming those who entered and left.

“They’re set up like gladiator cages in the back,” Grubb said. “There are drugs for the chickens, there is feathers everywhere and blood in places. It looks pretty graphic.”

A neighbor, who said she's reported the ring to police, isn't surprised.

She said she has seen at least 20 cars parked on the property at one time and animals' bodies being burned.

“You could smell it, the feces and everything,” the neighbor who wished not to be identified told News 9. “You usually see people come out with chickens in their hands and burning them.”

Investigators arrested one man and they said more arrests are possible.

Putting an end to an act, outlawed in the early 2000s.

“These are some of the prettiest chickens I’ve seen. They're beautiful animals,” Grubb said. “It is sad to know that there is very little we can do to rehab these roosters. They're trained to fight.”

Grubb said the roosters will be taken off the property Friday morning and logged into evidence.

It’s possible the roosters will be put down.

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