Teen Arrested, Accused Of Abusing Puppy In Snapchat Video; Puppy Rescued By Police

Thursday, January 23rd 2020, 10:09 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A 13-year-old boy was arrested after video surfaced on Snapchat showing a puppy being thrown, punched and slammed. 

Police made the arrest Wednesday after the video surfaced over the weekend. The teenager was taken to a nearby juvenile detention center.

It was also a Snapchat video that helped lead police to the dog. Officers picked her up in Weatherford from a family member of someone seen in the original videos.

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“I just couldn't believe that this has happened this quick and that we were able to find her, not only safe but alive,” said Heather Estrada, Haven Animal Rescue and Transport president.

The approximately 12-week-old puppy saw a veterinarian Thursday and left with a clean bill of health.

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“Instead of being tears of sadness of the not knowing and trying to find out where she was, hoping she wasn't in a dumpster,” said Estrada. “It was more of the tears of happiness because you know she is alive, she is safe, and she is okay.”

Clinton police officer Lacey Hulett worked the investigation from the beginning.

After visiting all of Clinton’s nine hotels, she determined the incident originally happened in Clinton. Initially, police thought the incident happened outside of city limits.

“It is tedious work. It is good police work. It is what investigators do,” said Clinton police Chief Paul Rinkel. “It is the type of work that we do at the Clinton Police Department. We are real proud.”

It is a heartwarming end to a story with a gut-wrenching beginning.

“The people of Clinton and the area, everybody banded together all with the same mission and that was to locate this animal and save this animal,” said Rinkel. “Everybody working together is what allowed us to recover her safely.”

The puppy is not currently up for adoption as she is being considered evidence in the case.

If custody is turned over to Clinton police, the dog will likely be adopted by one of those closest to the investigation.

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