Options For Sheltering Your Family During Oklahoma Storms

Monday, March 18th 2019, 10:41 am
By: News 9

Every Oklahoman needs to have a safety plan in place during severe weather season. For many people that includes having a below ground shelter or above ground safe room.

“It was very high on my list to do for safety of my pets,” said Ann Carson.

Carson is putting an above-ground safe room inside her bedroom.

“The living room was an option but (with) the distance, I felt better in putting it here because this is more central,” she said.

Tornado Place Storm Shelters only installs above ground structures.

“It's a storm shelter. It's a safe room, a panic room if you do have an intruder,” said Roger Peck, the Director of Operations for Tornado Place Storm Shelters. “There are a lot of different purposes for it.”

The reinforced structure is anchored down 4.5 inches into concrete and can be custom made to fit most spaces.

“Any of the certified above-ground storm shelters that have been tested have never failed in an F4 or F5 storm,” Peck said.

Another option is going underground.

“In my opinion, if you are capable of getting below ground, you are absolutely removing you and your family, from the debris path,” said Lisa Ingram with FlatSafe Tornado Shelters.

Ingram says she sees an uptick in sales as spring approaches each year.

“With below-ground in the garage, you have zero loss of space,” she said. “They're accessible from the bumper of your car without having to back your car out of the garage.”

Shelters start as low as low as $2,000 and can be financed for as little as $50 to $70 a month.