Hospitals in Oklahoma City have tens of thousands of new masks thanks to a local couple. 
Tim Breninger and his wife Robin have been reselling different items as their side business for about a year and a half.
"We bought a lot of masks that the state surplus auction was selling and at some point we had been selling on Amazon and Ebay," said Tim. 
But price gouging online made it hard for the couple to even sell masks at what would be considered "regular prices".
"We had about 30,000 masks that were just sitting here, and we haven't been able to do anything with them," said Tim.  
So Robin decided they should donate them and posted on Facebook. Within hours, comments poured in. Some were from health care workers or their family members writing things like, "We desperately need some."
People said some hospital employees have been instructed to reuse their masks, or hospitals didn't have anymore.
"We didn't realize until this morning hospitals were completely out," said Tim.
In a few hours, the couple had multiple people from different hospitals come pick up masks.
"They were excited," said Tim. "We had one lady who worked at a really small hospital and she came by and she was crying."
All 30,000 masks are gone, and the couple just feels like they had the right items at the right time.
"I think things just happen for a reason," said Tim.