Four more cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported by state health officials Saturday, a rise of four from the day before.

The majority of cases are in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties, 32 of the 53 total. Cleveland County has 12 cases, while Oklahoma County has 20, according to the new numbers released Saturday.

COVID-19 Cases by County

County COVID-19 Cases by County*
Canadian 2
Cleveland 12
Custer 1
Garvin 2
Grady 1
Jackson 1
Kay 3
Logan 1
McClain 1
Oklahoma 20
Pawnee 2
Payne 1
Tulsa 5
Washington 1
Total 53

The majority of COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma are between the ages of 18-49, with 50-64 next on the list. Seniors 65-and-over are at 11 cases so far.

COVID-19 Cases by Age Grouping

Age Group, Years COVID-19 Cases*
00-04 2
05-17 0
18-49 24
50-64 16
65+ 11
Total 53
Age Range 0-79 yrs

You can view these tables and more information about COVID-19 on the state's coronavirus website.

On our website, we've added a page with all sorts of COVID-19 links and resources. And we created our own coronavirus special section with all the day's stories on Oklahoma's and the nation's efforts to combat this pandemic.