Oklahoma City To Get First Bus Rapid Transit System

Thursday, June 30th 2022, 6:54 pm


Public transportation is getting a facelift in Oklahoma City. The city is planning on improvements to its transit system.

“The busses take a really long time, in my opinion,” Christopher Mitchell said. “Like, right now, they're taking a while to get over here.”

Mitchell is one of many residents who rely on the buses every day.

“I ride the bus about five or six times a day. I go all over Oklahoma, really,” Mitchell said. 

City Councilman James Cooper said he's been working on the plan for years. He is glad a solution has finally been reached.

“It's a dream come true to be able to say, ‘Promises made. Promises kept,’” Cooper said.

A new northwest rapid transit system is on the way.

“Twenty percent of the region's jobs, 40,000 residents live within a half-mile of this route, 91,000 jobs are along that route, so you do it here because that's where the people are,” Cooper said. “That's where the jobs are.”

The system will operate on a fixed route with 32 stops from downtown Oklahoma City to northwest Oklahoma City. Buses will run approximately every 15 minutes.

“Coming soon will be stations with the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), similar to what you see with the streetcar,” Cooper said. “You don't have to own a car, and I think now more than ever, when gas right up the road at 7-Eleven is $5 to be able to get to recreation or the groceries or to pick up my prescription? Gamechanger.”

“There's more people that need to be picked up every day,” Mitchell said. “There's more jobs that people need to go to every day. I think it will make a lot of people's days easier.”

The system is expected to open Fall 2023.