Humane Society Of Tulsa Hosts Pet Pantry To Give Back To Tulsa's Pets

Tuesday, June 28th 2022, 8:41 am

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Humane Society is hosting a giveaway where people can get free pet supplies, like beds and treats.

Event organizers say they are doing this because wanted to give back to Tulsans to thank them for their support.

Monday is the first day of the Humane Society of Tulsa’s Pet Pantry.

The group will give out two semi-trucks worth of pet supplies, including beds and toys.

Anyone can show up at the drive-thru location on 60th and Sheridan and ask for any supplies they might need, for no cost.

This is the first time the Humane Society has held a Pet Pantry.

The lines open at 10 a.m. and will close at 4 p.m., each day this week, ending on Saturday.

Rachel Ward, the Adoption Manager for the Humane Society of Tulsa, says she hopes people in the metro area take advantage of this opportunity.

“Anybody in the Tulsa community, surrounding areas, depending on how far you want to drive, come on down, take a dog bed, take some dog treats, we do have some other items as well,” said Ward. “I don’t know what will be available as the week goes on, but definitely dog beds and dog treats, we are stocked.”

She added that it’s the Humane Society’s goal to help meet people where they are and give them the supplies they need.

“Sometimes it’s financial hardship, whatever the case is, our goal is bringing pets and people together, keeping them together,” said Ward. “If that means, providing a bed, providing whatever it is that it will take to make sure that your pet and you are living the best life you can, and our animals are going to the best families they can, means giving something away, we are more than welcome to do that.”

The Humane Society is also looking for volunteers to help unload the trucks and give out the supplies.

You can register to volunteer with the Pet Pantry by clicking on a QR Code on the Humane Society of Tulsa’s Facebook page.