Metro Woman Nearly Scammed Out Of Thousands, Has A Warning For Others

Tuesday, June 21st 2022, 9:22 pm


A 73-year-old metro woman was nearly scammed out of thousands of dollars. The scammers claimed they worked for Dr. Pepper and were looking for people for a new ad campaign. 

Amy Maxfield told News 9 her mother-in-law even got a check in the mail, but after looking at the offer letter things didn’t add up. 

“People see an almost $4,000 check, they are going to the bank,” she said. 

Amy Maxfield said at first, her mother-in-law could barely contain her excitement. 

“She was excited, yeah, a $3,900 check comes in the mail to drive around with something on your car that you drive around with anyway, why not?” said Maxfield. 

She said it started when her mother-in-law got a text from someone saying they work for Dr. Pepper, asking to wrap her vehicle as part of an ad campaign in exchange for thousands of dollars. 

“She got a FedEx package with a check for a whopping amount of money and instructions to deposit the check but give them a copy of the deposit to prove it has been deposited,” she said. 

That’s when Maxfield said her excitement turned to suspicion. 

“They wouldn’t tell me who was putting the logo on, they wanted me to pay for the logo out of this check, just nothing seemed right,” she said. 

The scammers started texting from different numbers, even texting Maxfield and her husband. 

“Even today, ‘have you deposited the check, have you deposited the check, are you there, talk to me,’” she said looking over messages. 

“The name on the FedEx envelope is different than the name on the letter and that is different than the name on the check, they are all different,” she said. 

After they didn’t deposit the check right away the scammers asked for her bank account number to deposit the check themselves. 

“Then we called Dr. Pepper to check if it was valid and they said, ‘don’t deposit it, they will freeze your account, it’s a scam,’” said Maxfield. 

She went to police but has a message for those with elderly loved ones. 

“Always verify a check before you go put it in the bank,” said Maxfield. 

Oklahomans are encouraged to report scams on the state Attorney General's website.