FedEx Driver Gives Back To Family That Left Him A Care Package

Tuesday, June 21st 2022, 7:13 pm

With the hot temperatures, delivery drivers are working extra hard to make sure our packages arrive on time. Michelle Chervenka wanted to make sure they know they’re appreciated. 

“He always delivers heavy Chewy boxes. Like 25-pound bags of dog food and cat food,” said Chervenka.  

It started with a conversation Michelle was having with a delivery driver while taking care of her father in the hospital.    

“I jokingly said, I’m sure our delivery driver hates us, because we always have heavy Chewy boxes delivered, and he said back, yeah he does,” said Chervenka. 

That conversation stuck with Michelle.  

“I made him a care package that had some pop and things like that in it and I left him a note and I said, we know the Chewy boxes are heavy, please don’t hate us and we appreciate you,” said Chervenka.  

And on his first delivery of the day Peer Khampolngarm got the surprise.  

“I got down there, and I read the note, and I was like, oh that’s talking about me,” said Peer, FedEx delivery driver.  

The act of kindness really caught him off guard.  

“That made my day too, especially since it’s been hot lately. It was a lot of snacks in there and Dr. Peppers,” said Peer.  

He immediately wanted to show his appreciation.  

“I went back in my truck and tried to find something, that’s meaningful,” said Peer.  

That’s when Peer, a National Guard veteran noticed the Vietnam Veteran sticker on Michelle’s truck.  

“I had a hat on that had the patch on it, so I grabbed it and decided I was going to give her that,” said Peer.  

“What he left was much more special than what I left for him,” said Chervenka.  

Michelle’s dad was a proud veteran and recently passed.  

“I know how priceless those things are and how special and how much meaning they have, so it was really special,” said Chervenka.  

Michelle is keeping this patch with all of her dad’s military keepsakes.  

“I took it inside and I cried, and I have it, I’m saving it. I’ll keep it forever,” said Chervenka.  

Peer and Michelle now consider themselves friends and she says this isn’t the last care package Peer will receive.