Police Arrest NE OKC Double Stabbing Suspect At His Father's Warr Acres Home

Tuesday, June 14th 2022, 6:02 pm


A stabbing victim claimed jealousy sparked a confrontation that turned into a double stabbing on Tuesday in Northeast Oklahoma City. The two victims were rushed to a local hospital. Police said were expected to survive. 

Police booked 25-year-old Alexander Rutherford into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on two complaints of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. One of the victims told police the accused man started the confrontation. 

First responders swarmed an apartment complex near northeast 36th and Lottie just after midnight. Officers found the first stabbing victim in the parking lot. They said he had severe cuts to his stomach and back. He told officers Rutherford showed up to the apartment building in a jealous rage and started a fight. Police said the suspect brought a steak knife.  

“Everyone knew each other, and they had some type of beef between them and that’s what caused it to escalate to the stabbing,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. 

The victim told officers Rutherford was jealous of him “because of his looks.” Police also learned the victim had a child with Rutherford's current girlfriend. 

The second victim needed medical attention for a stab wound on his back. He told officers he was cut as he tried to break up the scuffle between his brother and Rutherford. 

“The two victims ended up going to OU Medical Center,” said Knight. “They are stable, they are expected to survive.”   

Police said Rutherford left the scene in a white car and went to his father's home in Warr Acres. That was where officers found the suspect several hours later and took him into custody, along with the alleged weapon. 

The suspect's girlfriend witnessed the fight and stabbing. She told officers she saw a bloody knife in Rutherford's hand.