Man Accused Of Beating Up Wife After She Catches Him Cheating

Wednesday, June 8th 2022, 8:53 pm

ARCADIA LAKE, Oklahoma -

A man accused of beating his wife and causing her to fall into a campfire was confronted by police and arrested. 

It happened at a campsite near Arcadia Lake. 

According to police, they responded to the area after getting multiple complaints. 

Leading up to the incident multiple campers complained of commotion coming from this particular campsite. 

“Lots of alcohol bottles when we showed up, they were being pretty noisy,” said Edmond Police spokeswoman Emily Ward. 

Police found Daniel Soest only wearing his boxers, passed out on the ground. 

“His eyes were watery and red, and he was not making a lot of sense,” said Ward.              

According to the victim's family members, Soest's wife found him having intercourse with another woman. When she confronted him, her husband went into a rage. 

“When she went out there and said what’s going on, he stood up and punched her in the face, she fell down and he started to kick her in the face, she rolled into the coals of the fire,” said Ward.        

Soest denied any wrongdoing.  

While Soest claimed to have no recollection of the assault, because of his wife's visible injuries and witness accounts he was arrested and taken to jail. 

Soest is facing charges of domestic assault and battery and public intoxication.