19-Year-Old Goes From Class Clown To College Grad In Just 2 Years

Wednesday, May 18th 2022, 6:14 pm

For most 19-year-olds, they’re getting ready for their second year of college and trying to discover what they want to do with their life. For Joseph Stone, he’s already got it all figured out. 

“Since I was a smart kid, I was really good at talking back to the teacher,” said Joseph Stone.  

Growing it was typical for Joseph to get into trouble. In fact, as a high school senior, he was voted the class clown for things like sending an email to the entire school district.  

“I sent the Declaration of Independence out to about 2000 people, and the tag line to the email was just, very important information,” said Joseph.  

But then during his junior year of high school, he started taking AP classes.  

“After that my grades just started to get better in my junior and senior year because I just took harder classes,” said Joseph.  

Joseph enrolled at OSU in 2020 and he just graduated.  

“He’s always been the kid that if he puts his mind to something, he can get it done,” said Belinda Stone, Joseph’s mother.  

“It’s mind blowing to me just as his mom that he actually did it, and with a 4.0, who does that?” said Belinda.  

With his high school AP classes, Joe enrolled in college with 34 credit hours with the goal of finishing in two years.  

“I took 19 credit hours every single semester and then I took ten over the summer,” said Joseph.  

All at the sacrifice of a social life.  

“I found it difficult to give everybody the amount of time they deserved out of me,” said Joseph.  

“We’re extremely close friends and there were often times where I just wanted to hang out, like as friends but joe would have to handle his responsibilities and do school,” said Jacob Gray, Joseph’s longtime friend and college roommate.  

All the hard work and sacrifices have now paid off, Joe graduated in two years, with straight A’s and all while holding down a job and having a girlfriend.  

“In college you know it’s partying and drinking and just having a blast and trying to be young and stupid, and he decided you know, I’m going to use my time wisely,” said Elizabeth Stone, Joseph’s sister.  

Joe will begin law school in the fall at OU, but his immediate plans are to enjoy the Summer. 

“I’m just excited to be done, I’m ready to do nothing for three months,” said Joseph.  

Joseph isn’t sure what type of law he sees himself working in and even has aspirations to become a judge.