Will Rogers & Embark Follow TSA’s Lead, Remove Mask Mandates

Tuesday, April 19th 2022, 5:14 pm
By: Erika Lee


The Transportation Security Administration says it will no longer enforce masks on public transportation and airlines. 

Local entities are now following suit, including Will Rogers World Airport and Embark. 

This comes after a federal judge struck down the mandate on Monday saying that the CDC overstepped its authority. 

That means airline employees and passengers will not have to wear masks anymore. 

It is creating confusion in airports and transportation hubs across the country. 

Will Rogers World Airport says they have made changes immediately. 

“We decided to follow TSA guidelines,” said Sami McMahan, Public Information Coordinator for Will Rogers Airport. “We decided to remove signage, as well as messages on our monitors and doors requiring masks.”  

Embark did the same Tuesday morning. 

“We do not require masks aboard our transit services,” said Michael Scroggins, Public Information Officer at Embark. “Including ferries, buses, streetcars, and down in our transit center.” 

Despite the mandate being lifted, officials say masks are still recommended and health will continue to be a priority. 

“We’re no longer pushing travelers to wear the masks,” McMahan said. “But we’re still offering masks at our travelers aid area.” 

Ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft have also dropped their mask requirements for drivers and riders in the United States. 

You can view its official statement here: https://flyokc.com/tsa-lifts-mask-mandate