2 Metro Churches Bring Their Cultures And Congregations Together

Thursday, January 27th 2022, 6:31 pm

Since 1955, 320 N. Midwest Boulevard has been the home to Midwest Boulevard Christian Church, but this coming Sunday all of that will change.  

At one time this thriving church supported membership of about 700.  

“We were down to thirty-two to thirty-four members by twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen,” said Van Wylie, a member of the church.  

Wylie has been a member of the church since 1974, however, of the remaining members, the youngest member is 62 years old.  

It was the significant decline in membership that led to the really tough decision – to sell the church. 

“We formed a committee and made the decision that we weren’t really using the church’s resources in the way that they could be used,” said Wylie.  

Before they could list the property for sale, Wylie says God answered their prayers.  

“I think it was divine intervention, we met members of New Hope Baptist church. They were looking for a new church and we were in the process of selling,” said Wylie.  

“To receive the baton, to continue to do great ministry here and continue some of the things they have done,” said Pastor E. J. Tyson of New Hope Baptist Church.  

For Pastor Tyson this is much more than just a transaction.  

“To bring Midwest City Christian church a predominately Anglo and now the New Hope Baptist church a predominately African American church, and how he has brought us together as one,” said Tyson.  

New Hope will not be shutting down the current location in Oklahoma City, they are simply adding the Midwest City Location  

“We will be one church in two locations,” said Pastor Tyson.  

The current members with Midwest Boulevard Christian church admit it there are mixed emotions with the transition, however, they are happy that many of the community projects will continue  

“I think they’re going to do great things it’s going to be able to continue the missions that we started,” said Wylie.  

“This is a time that you come in and celebrate,”  

Even though the name is changing the heart for serving the community will continue.  

They plan to continue community projects like, The Christmas for others project that was started in 1971, to help families in need during Christmas.  

They also plan to continue the partnership with the Mid-Del food pantry and many of the community partnerships that have been formed over the years.