Couple Gets A Second Chance At A Dream Wedding With 90's Rock Bands

Friday, January 14th 2022, 6:14 pm


Bryan and Sherene first married in Colorado in May. But because their marriage license was NOT returned to the venue in time - the marriage was voided.  

“We were never able to make it official, with not getting the license back in time or what not, it was a catastrophe,” said Bryan Brown.  

Then, they learned about the Honeymoon Rockfest. A line up of 25 bands and dozens of couples sharing vows.  

Bryan and Sherene thought this was their second chance at their dream wedding.  

“COVID got bad, it got really bad, and it was scheduled right at the peak, the hospitals were full,” said Leia Sigler.  

Leia Sigler is the event promoter and says the event is now postponed until March due to COVID.  

When she heard about the couple's struggle, she offered them a free wedding.  

“Leia, you know she emailed me, and I see the email and I’m yelling at my wife and I’m looking and I’m reading and I’m crying,” said Brown.  

The couple and Leia have been in constant contact but had never met face to face, until today.  

“She’s something special,” said Brown  

The new wedding day is set for the Honeymoon Rockfest in March. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this time it stays official.