Logan Co. DA Asks Judge To Revoke Bond For Man Accused Of Murder

Friday, January 7th 2022, 5:50 pm

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -

The district attorney in Logan County wants an accused killer's bond revoked.

Logan County District Attorney Laura Thomas filed a motion, asking to revoke or increase the bond of Daniel Triplett, a man charged with first-degree murder and desecration of a human corpse.

Triplett, a Guthrie businessman, was arrested in October after Brent Mack's remains were discovered at the bottom of a septic tank. The two were hired to install the tank.

At the time, Mack's family said they were happy to get closure, but that soon turned to anger when Judge Susan Worthington granted Triplett bond at $500,000 in December.

Thomas recently filed a motion asking for a reconsideration. She was unable to speak with News 9.

According to court documents, the court ordered Triplett to only leave his home to visit his attorney, doctor appointments and court dates.

The motion stated he violated that several times. According to the motion, Triplett was seen on December 15 visiting a Waffle House in Oklahoma City and visiting a convenience store and bank in Guthrie on January 4.

The Guthrie Police Department reached out to the Cleveland County Court services program coordinator about his violations.

The incident report quotes the program director as saying, "I was not aware he was going to stop anywhere on his way home, and I've directed him against it. He knows that his stop is being reported back to the DA and he is in violation of his bond."

Triplett is currently out of jail. A hearing is set for January 14.

Mack's family was unable to interview with News 9 on Friday, but they sent the following statement:

“On behalf of the Mack family, we are thankful the DA is looking at revoking or potentially revoking his bond. It would bode the city of Guthrie well if an immediate arrest was made.”