Grady County Drug Bust Nets More Than 70 Pounds Of Drugs, Several Arrests

Tuesday, November 23rd 2021, 5:18 pm

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma -

Grady County deputies stopped more than 70 pounds of drugs from hitting the streets as part of a weeks long investigation. Detectives also took dozens of people into custody.

Officials said they conducted these operations in mid-September, and so far, they've arrested 21 people in the Chickasha area.

"We're trying to put a stop to this," said Grady County Undersheriff Gary Boggess. "It's coming across the borders and try to clean up our county."

It's just one of several operations throughout the year. Recently, deputies with the Grady County Sheriff's Office, along with other agencies, were able to get 51 pounds of fentanyl off of the streets.

"Just a small amount of fentanyl will kill a person," said Boggess. "There have been several cases of people ingesting this or smoking it and dying from it."

Boggess said they were also able to seize 11 pounds of ecstasy tablets, a half pound of heroin, 12 pounds of marijuana, and nearly a quarter pound of meth. Total value of the narcotics they found was a little more than $5 million in street value.

"It all kind of goes together," Boggess said. "A drug trafficker that's what they're going to do. They're going to sell whatever they can to make profit."

Boggess said there were three or four different houses they were watching during this case and investigators were also able to seize $23,000 worth in cash and vehicles.

Though several arrests have been made so far, Boggess said this could be just the beginning. They anticipate getting more of these drugs off the streets, which could lead to more arrests.

"OBN is working cases, DEA, our office is working cases. It's just a day after day ongoing operation for us," said Boggess.

The suspects arrested so far have not been identified yet.