Julius Jones' Mother Pleads For Her Son's Life Ahead Of His Scheduled Execution

Wednesday, November 17th 2021, 10:04 pm


For the second time in three days, Julius Jones' mother was denied a sit down meeting with Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Her long day started with a visit to her son.

“Today, I had high expectations to hug my son. I saw him, but I’ve been seeing him through a glass,” said Madeline Davis-Jones.

For 20 years, Davis-Jones has been fighting for her son who is a convicted killer.

“He's not this monster that people have portrayed him,” said Davis-Jones.

Those in his corner said they're fighting a fight that's long overdue.

“The death penalty and the troubling pattern of botched executions wave seen in recent years, it's not just a criminal justice issue but a community issue,” said supporter Kevin Acres.

“This is shameful to cause this type of agony for anyone,” said T. Sheri Dickerson, BLM-OKC.

Davis-Jones said she wanted the governor to hear her voice, but after pleading for his time over and over, she has grown weary.

“I don’t feel like nobody, I don’t even feel like a number. My son is, right now, a number. I feel empty,” said Davis-Jones.

She said if her son is put to death she wants no part of it.

“I don’t want to go to a lynching tomorrow. I might want go to a sports event,” said Davis-Jones.

The mother said no one should endure the heartache that lies ahead.

“Do you want your child, your baby to be hanged? Especially if it's nothing they've done,” said Davis-Jones.

“I’m just hoping that Julius knows how much we love him,” said Dickerson.

Family told News 9 Julius asked them to thank the public for the support they've shown him and his family.