Last Full Day For Governor Stitt To Decide Fate Of Julius Jones

Wednesday, November 17th 2021, 9:24 am


All eyes are on Governor Kevin Stitt as time is dwindling to decide over whether to grant death row inmate Julius Jones clemency. 

Supporters have been gathering outside the governor's office at the capitol and at the governor's mansion for the past few days urging him to grant death row inmate Julius Jones' clemency. 

Wednesday is the last full day Governor Kevin Stitt has to make the decision. 

Jones is set to be put to death Thursday for the 1999 murder of Edmond businessman, Paul Howell. 

Monday, Jones' family tried to meet with the governor for a second time while a group of religious leaders met with the governor's general counsel. 

Members of the Governors team said the meeting was quote "more of a conversation between friends" and that the governor has been praying and investing time in seeking spiritual guidance. 

"I don't see how someone could go into prayer, and be in prayer and talk to God, and after talking to God and praying, deciding to kill somebody," said Jabee Williams, and OKC Artist/Activist. 

Meanwhile, Paul Howell's family had a family friend who is also a paralegal to personally write a letter to the governor about their stance on the case. 

Local paralegal Amy Kingry says the Howell Family is still fighting for justice for Paul and do not want to go through this process again. 

The Howell family met with the governor last week. 

"They aren't out to see somebody die to see somebody die, to see somebody or hurt," said Kingry, who has personally written a letter to the governor about her stance on this case. "They aren't out for that, but they do deserve to see the justice that was promised to them and given to them when Paul was taken. He was murdered in front of his two girls." 

If the governor decides to give Jones life in prison without the possibility of parole, Jones could apply for commutation very three years.