NE OKC Senior Facility Spreads Early Holiday Cheer To Residents

Friday, November 12th 2021, 6:01 pm


Many of residents in the medical community neighborhood are seniors and haven’t really been able to get around since COVID hit. The neighborhood association thought they needed a little Christmas cheer.

The neighborhood just north of OU Health and southeast of the state Capitol is the Medical Community Neighborhood.  

“Many of our residents are elderly and homebound senior citizens and are just folks who don’t have a lot of people coming to visit them,” said Tom Knudsen, the neighborhood association president. 

The residents really rely on community interaction. However, those activities all had to cease when COVID hit. 

“We got together and sort of dreamed up how do we love our neighbors well but also love our neighbors wisely,” said Knudsen. 

From that came the idea to create a Christmas display in the neighborhood park for those residents that are so important to this community.  

Sherry Grant has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years. She and her grandkids are excited about the display.

“Oh yes, they were really surprised by it, especially the two youngest that still believe in Santa Claus,” said Grant. 

The association began raising money for the display in February, and they are pretty excited about what they were able to accomplish. 

“The neighbors are surprised and surprised at how much we go done for our first year of lighting the park. So, I think next year, we’re bigger and better,” said resident Jerry Cable.

The display has opened up a world of possibilities for the once empty park.

“I hope they continue to maybe add things. I was thinking maybe we could add a swing set or anything,” said Grant.

Now, the association said they do plan to keep the Christmas display going each year and there are plans to make it bigger. For information or to support, you can visit their Facebook page