OKC Man Arrested In Connection With The Shooting Death Of His Uncle Who Used A Wheelchair

Wednesday, November 3rd 2021, 5:29 pm


An Oklahoma City man was arrested on Tuesday after he was accused of killing his uncle.

Police said Anthony Bronner, 48, was shot to death while sitting in his wheelchair inside his apartment last month.

The violent fugitive task force arrested Mikelynn Thomas, 26, after investigators tied him to the murder scene through a cellphone and ID that was left at Bronner’s apartment.

Police were called on Oct. 13 to Bronner's home near SW 59th and May Avenue after neighbors heard several gunshots. Witnesses reported seeing a suspicious pickup in the parking lot.

“Black, four-door Ford truck,” said Kenneth Gaffney, the victim’s friend. “Looked fairly new because it was shiny.”

Witnesses saw two men leave in the pickup moments after the gunshots. One of them was identified as Thomas, Bronner’s nephew.

According to an arrest warrant, investigators found a cellphone in the apartment, and on top of the phone was Thomas' Oklahoma state ID card.

A search warrant confirmed the phone belonged to Thomas and he that was in communication with several people 30 minutes prior to the deadly shooting.

Investigators were also able to download GPS locations where Thomas' phone pinged the day of the homicide, and one location was Bronner's address.

“A full apartment complex, broad daylight with people out and about, and you do something like that and then walk out like it wasn’t nothing,” said Gaffney.

The victim's friends were shocked why someone would harm Bronner, man who used a wheelchair.

“Tells you where we’re at in America when defenseless people are being killed like that,” said Gaffney. “I mean, what’s next?”

Police said the investigation is not over. They still need to determine Thomas' motive.  

Thomas is a felon and has served prison time for robbery and grand larceny, according to court records.