Moore Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Crash Involving Unlicensed Driver

Tuesday, October 5th 2021, 10:48 pm

MOORE, Oklahoma -

A Moore man is recovering from serious injuries after a crash involving an unlicensed driver. 

Gray Mize said he was driving home on his motorcycle Monday afternoon. 

He was traveling southbound on Santa Fe Avenue along the Oklahoma City-Moore border when a car pulled in front of him, attempting to turn onto Southwest 144th Street, according to Oklahoma City police reports. 

The impact launched Mize straight into the car’s windshield with enough force to knock off his helmet. Officers wrote that he was “profusely bleeding” when they arrived at the scene. Mize said gashes covered his head and neck requiring more than 100 stiches. Hel also suffered a concussion. 

Mize said, however, he never lost consciousness. 

“I just kept thinking about my kid man, my son,” Mize told News 9 from his hospital bed at OU Health. “It just kept me going. I had to pull through.” 

The driver of the car, 21-year-old Daniel Lara, helped Mize immediately after the crash. Lara told police he did not see Mize before attempting the left turn onto Southwest 144th Street. 

Officers arrested and booked Lara into the Cleveland County jail for causing a crash while driving without a valid license. 

Despite his failure to yield to oncoming traffic, Mize said he holds no grudge against Lara. 

“He called my dad. He gave me his shirt off his back. He did what he could, it was an accident,” Mize said. “I’m just happy to be alive. I’m not going to sit here and dwell on, you know, the anger. It’s pointless. Hate only hurts the person who’s hating.” 

The Oklahoma City police report states the driver of the car behind Mize witnessed the crash. The driver was a nurse and helped Mize until an ambulance arrived. He said first responders were surprised at his condition. 

“They said if I hadn’t had my helmet on I would 100% be dead,” Mize said. 

The crash serves as a reminder of the importance of helmets for motorcyclists, Mize said, and for remaining attentive whenever you’re behind the wheel. 

“If you can’t see don’t turn. Cause you never know. It might be a guy that’s trying to get home to his son.”