OKC Mother & Teacher Protect Elementary Students From Machete-Wielding Suspect

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 5:05 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


An Oklahoma City mother described a frightening experience on Wednesday outside her children’s elementary school.

Khristina Covert and a Cesar Chavez Elementary School teacher sprang into action to protect a group of students from a machete-wielding suspect.

School drop-off was anything but routine for parents, students and staff. Covert had a van full of children when she noticed something unusual around 7:40 a.m. outside the school.

“We see this kid walk up and like he was looking from one side to the other,” Covert said.  

Covert said the suspect, who appeared to be about 14 years old, ran away and then came back to the school’s front doors where a group of students were waiting. 

“He was shaking open the doors, trying to get in, and when the teacher walked up to him, he decided to pull the knife out in front of all the kids,” said Covert. 

Covert said her mom instincts kicked in and she could not just sit by and watch.

“My only thing was jump out and get the kids away,” said Covert. “I was honestly thinking somebody was going to get hurt, and it was more than likely going to be one of the kids.”  

The school was immediately put on lockout while Oklahoma City Public Schools' security and Oklahoma City police investigated the threat.

“They made sure nobody got out of their cars,” said Covet. “Nobody walked up, they stopped everything.”  

She said the suspect ran away, but she was able to get a good look at him.

“He literally was dressed in black, black hoodie, hood up you could see his hair and face,” said Covert. “He didn’t mind to cover his face.”  

Police never found the suspect but are continuing to investigate. They said the incident was caught on school security cameras.

Covert was glad no one was harmed.

“I’m thankful my oldest son’s teacher for being in front of the kids and giving me time to get them away,” said Covert.

District officials said the suspect was never able to get inside the school.