Something Good: Perkins Women Gather To Sew Quilts For Residents In Need

Tuesday, September 21st 2021, 6:43 pm
By: Mike Glover

PERKINS, Oklahoma -

A group of ladies in Perkins got together about eight months ago to do what they love doing, and to help those in their town that have experienced trauma. 

Every other Tuesday the ladies now known as Community Quilters of Perkins get together to sew quilts for anyone in their community that has experienced a traumatic situation. 

“When people are in need, the only way to show love is to give,” said Lottie Roth with Community Quilters of Perkins. 

The group supplies Perkins police cars with infant to adult quilts. 

The ladies realize that in challenging situations, like a fire, or a child being removed from the home, something as simple as a quilt can really help. 

“Cause that’s so important to hang on to something. When you’ve lost everything, hanging on to something that someone gave you and you don’t ever have to lose it is a good thing,” said Roth.

This is the ladies’ way of not only giving back to the community, but also showing support to the police officers. 

“I think the police here were really honored because they know that we support them and that we as a community want to stand behind them in a world that sometimes doesn’t,” said Roth. 

The ladies supply all the material and combined have over 100 years of quilting experience. 

“We are all a part of what we are giving out to the community, and it’s really from our hearts. It really is,” said Roth. 

 And with the holiday season quickly approaching, the ladies are already preparing. 

“If at Christmas time something happens, they have a quilt,” said Roth.

The group is also working on Christmas stockings for kids at a group home in Stillwater.